About Airy Optics

Our Company

Airy Optics is an Arizona corporation founded to drive the utilization of polarization properties in ways that are at once both innovative and highly accessible to product development for commercial, industrial, defense, and research applications. Historically, polarization optics has typically been treated as a secondary concern by major optical modeling and analysis tools, often incompletely supported or lacking fidelity. That state of affairs long slowed or prevented the realization of products based on polarization. Airy Optics has the answer: a next-generation optical modeling engine built from the ground up with polarization at its core. Based on technology developed with the support of a Science Foundation Arizona Grant and in continuous use and ongoing development since 2011, the Polaris polarization raytracing engine can solve your hardest polarization challenges. And our team of experienced optical engineers are ready to help you gain competitive advantage by putting polarization to work for you.

Our People

Russell Chipman, Chairman and CEO

Russell Chipman is a Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Airy Optics. He led the development of the Polaris-M polarization ray tracing program at the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona, where he is a Full Professor. Professor Chipman received his BS from MIT and MS and Ph.D. in Optical Science from the University of Arizona. He is a Fellow of OSA and SPIE. He received SPIE's 2007 G. G. Stokes award for research in Polarimetry and OSA's Joseph Fraunhofer Award/Robert Burley Award for Optical Engineering in 2015. His work focuses on polarization in optical design, polarimetry, anisotropic materials, stress birefringence, liquid crystals and displays, and the mathematics of optics.